qing gang series

Case Material: Grivory GVS (Glass fiber reinforced nylon)

Grivory GV is used for the manufacture of technical components which are characterised  by:

◆ high stiffness and strength
◆ property values which are little influenced by the     absorption of moisture
◆ high dimensional stability and low  warpage
◆ good resistance to chemicals, typical  of poly- amides
◆ good surface  quality
◆ efficient, cost effective manufacturing

This strong profile of properties ensures that Grivory GV is ideally suited for the replacement of metal. The impor- tant parameters for metal replacement, such as stiffness and strength, are largely unaffected by the absorption of moisture. Grivory GV is physiologically safe and can be used in sensitive applications involving direct con- tact with foodstuffs and drinking water.


LED Light & The super Swiss LumiNova

① Internal Mode - ultra-violet light illuminates the dial(6seconds)


② External Mode - 3 white LED torch lights illuminate (stays on as long as the battery is charged,up to several hours)


③ Emergency Mode - Flashing white strobe lights (stays on as long ss the battery is charged,up to several hours.)


④ Diving /Exterme Conditions:- ultra-ciolet lights illuminates the dial(stays on as long as the battery is charged,up to several hours)