The DAGGER timepieces was founded in the end of 2015 by Mr.Changhong Mi, Founder & Creative Director of Longio luxury watches from KongKong.

For over 20 year,Mr.Changhong Mi has established himself by creating invaluable timepieces for many famous watch brands from all of the world.Specially in Euro.,Middle east and North American watch industry.During this periond,Mr.Changhong Mi always devoted himself to study western horology and culture ,and the art of east and west.He is an expert at using innovation,unique and fashion-forward ideas to express watch stories.After creating the LONGIO watch brands in 2009,he has now a series called MI TIME ART,which illuminated Chinese traditional culture and connotation of art to worldwide timepiece enthusiasts and horologe collectors.Theses timepieces expres Chinese legend through the wonderful fingertip craftwork,which pours out of a high-end wristwatch designer with persistent pursuit of horology craft collections.Mr.Changhong Mi invests his heart and soul in each timepiece and creates a wristwatch that are exceptional pieces of art.

Mr.Mi's Childhood dream was to be a Special Ops Soldier.In order to pursue his dream he created the Dagger watches in 2015.The Dagger wristwatches only be made for you,who are follow your dreams.